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Business Owners

The products offered by the company are marketed through the independent agency system. We feel our agents are some of the best in the state. Relationship with our agents are built on trust, knowledge, profitability, commitment to continuing education and a willingness to help the company prosper.

Business Owner Policy

The company offers a Business owner program with policies that covers property on a Risk Not Excluded or a Named Peril basis. The policy is designed for various smaller business operations that include offices, mercantile and churches. We provide the opportunity to write coverage based on fair market value or replacement cost to meet your specific insurance needs. The program offers a wide range of additional coverages such as Mechanical Breakdown and Water Backup.

For complete information on how our BOP program can provide you superior insurance to value coverage please contact one of our local agent today.

Business Owners

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At Panhandle Farmers Mutual we do not have shareholders – so that means we put the needs of our policyholders first. And that results in better service… suggesting ways to minimize risk…settling claims more fairly and quickly. No wonder more than 135 million policyholders choose mutual insurance to protect their property. Become a part of something bigger. Become a member of a mutual.

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